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10 Outdoor Team Building Activities Ideas

In a lot of workplaces, a bizarre tension forms as people don’t really know each other, have misconceptions about one another, maybe even downright don’t like others who they work with. Luckily, regardless of what internal issues exist in a company, they can be solved through closeness. How is the bond between coworkers created, you ask? Well, the answer is actually quite simple – through fun team activities! When these office “escapes” take place, workers get to know each other better and appreciate the positive sides of others. Those who have tension between them can even be encouraged to fix these issues by working together to win the games they are playing.

It is a proven method to bring people together and have them really work like a team instead of a few strangers who share the same office, so you have to encourage as many outings as possible if you want your company to thrive. As they will start working like a team when doing fun activities, they will cooperate on projects a lot better as well, delivering stellar results faster than before as they will help each other instead of trying to top one another. Furthermore, everyone will come in with a more positive and enlightened attitude at work, feeling hyped regardless how hard the project they are working on is. But let’s stop wasting time and get to the point, providing you with 10 great team building activities ideas specific to the outdoors environment.

#1 – Arrow tag

They don’t all have to be good at archery to take up arrow tag as this is a friendly activity for beginners and pros alike. What you need are foam-tipped arrows as they do not leave any bruising marks, and bows. For those who try out archery for the first time, a bow release comes in handy as it enhances stability and accuracy when shooting the arrow, making them feel more confident and aiding them to learn faster. What makes it a great choice for an outdoor team building event is that arrow tag can be tailored into a point-based competition, target practice, or a capture the flag tournament.

#2 – Quad bike racing

The quad bike is a small 4-wheel motorbike which employees can ride around a course to have fun, exercise, share some laughs, and breathe in the fresh air outdoors. Best of all, its friendly design makes it easy to ride it even for those who are generally afraid of bikes or who are inexperienced. If you want to spice things up, have everyone race each other. Their competitiveness will kick in, and there are bound to be many memorable moments as everyone will try to win.

#3 – Create a garden

This group activity actually gives back as you help Mother Nature thrive. What you should do is spend a day outdoors, in the yard of your office building, a park, or anywhere else outside and get your hands dirty, planting trees and flowers which will grow and provide a natural beauty to that space. While planting new life into the ground, people will get to communicate, work together, and most importantly, unwind as this is a very relaxing activity.

#4 – Scavenger hunt

Take advantage of the good weather on a sunny day and take everyone outside. Break them into groups and start a scavenger hunt around the city, organizing it with the help of a smartphone app – there are a lot of them out there, so you won’t have a hard time finding one. This modern version of an old-fashioned scavenger hunt is more appropriate for your employees. While hunting, they will have to work together to get to their new destination fast, think about hiding spots, and socialize.

#5 – Paintball

If you have not tried paintball yet, you at least know what this activity is all about. Separate people into at least two different teams, and in the outdoor field, they must track each other down and shoot the members of the enemy team with the special paint-filled guns until they are all marked. The team to reach the end without having all of its composing players eliminate is obviously the one to win. This activity takes fast employing of physical skills, decisive thinking, and guts, having all the players back each other’s backs so that they can be glorious in the end.

#6 – Jigsaw with a twist

As easy as this game sounds, as complicated it gets when you mix up the play style. Create two teams and give them two puzzles. Before handing them those puzzles, mix in some pieces belonging to team A with pieces from team B. As the two teams start trying to create their puzzles, they must communicate, negotiate, and even trade goods or members of their teams in order to recuperate the missing puzzle pieces.

#7 – Orienteering

For this activity, the teams must use a map and a compass to reach the ultimate goal, which could be in the form of refreshments, nice gadgets, some books, or whatever you know they will like. As they have to read the map and find their way to the prize with the help of the compass, they have to think strategically, communicate, and make decisions together. This way, even though inevitably there will be a leader formed in each group, a person who through experience will guide everyone else, they will all participate with ideas and directions so that their goal will be reached.

#8 – Body of words

Divide employees into teams of 4 to 8 people, and from each team, a leader must be selected. Write down words composed of one letter shorter than the number of people in that specific team, pick one at random, and have the players – all except the team leader – contort their bodies to form that word. The team to go through all words first is the winning team, and players will take turns being team leaders. This way, everyone gets to see how it feels to lead others and have the responsibility of their work quality fall upon their shoulders.

#9 – Go-karting

Another classic team building activity that does not need too much explaining is go-karting. Each individual gets into a go-kart and everyone races each other going around the small but twisty course, trying to cross the finish line first. It is a ton of fun and it is a pastime activity appreciated by both genders, guaranteeing a lot of laughs and giggles. Also, it helps build their taste for competitivity, which in the case of some individuals does not hurt as they might be a bit too passive.

#10 – Make a movie!

It does not have to be anything professional, just a plain old short movie shot with a low-budget camera one of the workers has laying around. Instead of writing a script and distributing roles, making people learn lines and making some of them feel jealous as maybe they wanted to be the lead, you could set it up differently so that everyone participates equally. Thus, instead of scripting it, take advantage of the outdoor scenery and make them improvise a short movie on the spot using the props given by Mother Nature. This is an exercise for creativity improvement, one where everyone has to benefit. Best of all, when they are done, they can sit on the grass and laugh at their performances, having fun and getting closer as a result of feeling good in each other’s company.